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YEOTY19 Robot Rivalry

Robot Rivalry Battle
Robot Rivalry Robot
Robot Rivalry

YEOTY19 was the most action-packed YEOTY challenge to date!

Students were challenged to Design, Build and Battle real-life robots (Yes, just like on Robot Wars! In fact, students were guided through the project by Robot Wars Experts Robochallenge).

The year-long competition consisted of: Receiving robot kits, designing bots and battle mechanisms, programming electronics and learning to control the bots in battle.

After six months of hard work designing, fabricating, wiring and programming battle robots, 32 teams fought a semi-final battle hosted by previous 'The Gadget Show' host Jason Bradbury.

The robots went head-to-head to gain a place at the final battle taking place in July.

The day consisted of three rounds in the battle arena and a core values assessment where each team was scored on characteristics such as team identity, efficiency, research, collaboration and inclusion.

The Robot Rivalry project utilised the excitement of robotics to provide education in design, art, electronics, hydraulics, general engineering and of course, team building and hopes to inspire local students into STEM careers.

Gareth Higgins, Managing Director of KMF Group, praised the project: "Robot Rivalry has allowed students to learn a huge array of technical skills directly linked to metal fabrication. They have learnt the basics of sheet metal design and manufacturing in order to design the best, most indestructible robot with the most destructive power possible. However, although the technical skills are important, it's all about teamwork and problem-solving."

"Students were required to work together as a team and learn how to solve a problem together. Team had their bots destroyed during the battles and at that point they have another round in 30 or 45 minutes, and they've got to figure out how to put the thing back together and get it working again. You can't sit there and argue about it, you've got to quickly pull a plan together and move forward. This is an extremely valuable skill not only for metal fabricators but a huge number of professions."

2019 Robot Rivalry Winners:

1. Young Engineer of the Year: Erazor, Endon High School
2. Robot Battle: Circuit Breakerz, St Thomas More Catholic Academy
3. Core Values: Erazor, Endon High School
4. Best Project: Wei's Bae's, Westwood College
5. Robot Design: Barbie Tingz, St Margaret Ward
6. Spirit of Young Engineer: Alsager Arrows, Alsager High School
7. Special Mention: Phlip, St Joseph's College

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