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YEOTY20 Space Olympics

The Space Project 2

Welcome YEOTY2020 Schools, Teachers & Sponsors!

YEOTY2020 will challenge year 10 students from 20 Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire schools to design, build and launch giant balloons, carrying Space Olympics science experiments into near space.

Teams are also tasked to film their experience with GoPro Cameras, producing a short film of their YEOTY journey which will presented at an awards ceremony in 2020.

YEOTY20 awards will include Best Space Photo, Best Video Edit, Highest Altitude, Best Engineered Capsule, Spirit of Young Engineer and Young Engineer of the Year. Following the Space Olympics theme, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will all be up for grabs!

Our annual #YEOTY competition aims to inspire the next generation of metal fabricators, engineers and scientists, raising career aspirations for students in Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire.

Key Dates for #YEOTY20, Space Olympics Include:

  • October 2019: The YEOTY20 Project is launched to the 20 participating high schools
  • November 2019: Teams attend a Project Launch Day at Newcastle College, hosted by Sent into Space. Team pick up their 'space' kits and also meet their sponsor organisations.
  • February 2020: Science Experiment Day at Staffordshire University
  • May 2020: Balloon Launch Day
  • June 2020: Award entries to be Submitted
  • July 2020: Awards Night

YEOTY2020 Schools & Sponsors...Your complete YEOTY2020 guide can be downloaded here

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