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The 2013 Clock Project

The Clock project was launched in 16 local high schools, and over 1,700 students took part. The students were equipped with a simple design brief, a clock mechanism and batteries. The challenge was to make a clock that could be manufactured and sold on the high street.

Over 604 clocks were sent to KMF for judging. The sheer volume and quality of the designs confirmed to KMF that this was the right thing to do — give young people an opportunity to realise their potential and make a real difference.

Jason Bradbury, from Channel 5's The Gadget Show, hosted the awards ceremony and was thoroughly impressed with the work KMF is carrying out. He commented: "We should take this nationally and I would certainly support it. We hear these sayings that Great Britain used to be great and that we have let it go a bit but the thing is, it's coming back again, and it's thanks to competitions like this."


  • 1754 students participated
  • 16 Local schools were involved
  • Excellent engagement with schools

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