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The 2016 Space Project

This KMF YEOTY Project went above and beyond (100km above sea level to outer space to be precise) and offered Year 10 students, schools and sponsors the opportunity of a lifetime; to send Go-Pro cameras into space.

The project involved a collaboration with Sent into Space and RAF Cosford and included students sending large balloons into space, both with scientific experiments and Go Pro Cameras. As always, each school was matched with a sponsor.

Some of the scientific projects launched into space included 'Testing Sound at Altitude', 'Osmosis at Altitude' and at 'What Altitude do Ice Pops Freeze?'.

The project concluded with the annual awards night, again hosted by The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury.

The Awards Included:

  • Young Engineer of the Year — An individual from each team nominated by their teacher, sponsor and peers
  • Best Photo Retrieved — Judged by a professional photographer
  • Best Film Edit of Voyage — Judged by a BBC film producer
  • Best Engineered Capsule — Judged by Jason Bradbury
  • Teamwork — Nominated by teacher and sponsor
  • Highest Altitude
  • Best Scientific Experiment
  • Spirit of YEOTY — Judged by KMF Group MD

Watch footage from the spectacular launch day here.


  • Winners of the Space Project included William Wretham from Painsley Catholic College — KMF Young Engineer of the Year 2016
  • For the first time, the Project was able to include both a mini and main mission
  • A record 4,000 students participated from 23 high schools
  • Cross-curricular — Design, Technology & Science
  • Staffs University — Principle sponsor and support mechanism
  • Support from Sent into Space team
  • RAF Cosford assisting and managing the main launch event
  • Fantastic awards ceremony at The Kings Hall, Stoke: Parents joined the celebration of achievements.
  • Hugely Innovative Projects — Birches Head High used their space capsule to get donations to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.
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