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5-Axis Machining at KMF

5-Axis Mazak Machine
5-Axis machined metal component
5-Axis machined metal part

Computer-controlled 5-axis CNC machining at KMF Group enables the precision engineering of highly complex metal parts, quickly, efficiently and to the most exacting specifications.

KMF can supply machined metal components in many materials including carbon/alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, specialist steels (S80), brass, aluminium and various plastics.

Our investment in high capacity tool carousels, probing and dead stop fixtures reduce the downtime in costly set-up procedures and keeps cycle times to a minimum.

KMF is one of few UK precision metal engineering manufacturers to hold four BSI accreditations, clear evidence of our proficiency in delivering high-quality products that conform to precise customer requirement and the most exacting statutory and regulatory specifications.

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Exceptional quality in metal machining

The cutting tool on a 5-axis machine moves across three spatial coordinates and also rotates on two, so a metal component can be machined in all directions with a single setup.
5-axis machining gives almost infinite possibilities in the shaping of parts.
The latest CNC machining technology, both simultaneous and fixed, gives KMF the ability to produce the most complex components to the highest technical requirement and with exceptional finishing quality.

Specialist parts for blue-chip companies

The company manufactures precision machined components and assemblies to the most demanding of customer specifications, including parts for the medical, defence and aerospace industries.
KMF can manufacture component in small batches or large volumes to the most demanding deadlines.

Streamlined for performance

Because KMF Precision Engineering carries out projects under one roof, the company is capable of delivering a fast, comprehensive and high-quality service.
We pride ourselves in meeting the challenging specifications and tight time schedules regularly required by our customers.
KMF promotes lean, cost-effective precision engineering at every level throughout the factory, nowhere more evident than in our dedicated metal CNC machining centres.

Where experience counts

Thanks to an in-house training centre and apprenticeship schemes KMF has the best-trained workforce in the business
An expertly trained metal machinist with proven skills can make a real difference in both quality and efficiency.
KMF Group prides itself on customer service and maintains close communication with clients throughout the production process, allowing the company to build strong, long-standing relationships with our clients.

Talk to our team about your precision engineering and sheet metal fabrication needs.

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Advantages of 5 Axis Machining at KMF

  • EXPERTISE: Fully trained machinists with up-to-date skill sets.
  • SERVICE: Close client communication throughout the production process.
  • QUALITY: Four BSI accreditations demonstrate highest level of proficiency.
  • SPEED: Highly complex parts machined in a single cycle.

Subcontract outsourcing with KMF Group

KMF Group offers a complete subcontract machining solution ranging across the whole spectrum of precision machining and associated services including CNC turning, CNC milling and Sliding Head machining. If you would like to know more about what KMF can offer with 5 axis machining, then contact our team today. Read more about outsourcing opportunities at KMF.

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