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Metal Finishing of Machined Components

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As a leading CNC machining supplier, we deliver a comprehensive range of metal finishing services, including electroplating, anodising, CARC, Vibro finishing, metal painting, and bead blasting.

Our extensive delivery of metal finishing techniques allows us to work with a vast range of industry clients. KMF customers worldwide cover most industrial sectors including aerospace, defence, marine, medical, retail, scientific and transport.

Finishing services can be provided to military standards and NADCAP aerospace accredited to the highest standards of quality, delivery and environmental protection.

Metal finishing can provide a range of surface functions.

  • Protective — fighting wear and friction
  • Barrier — protecting against corrosion
  • Preparation -enhancing additional treatments such as powder coating
  • Electrical — delivering conductivity or electrical insulation
  • Optical — providing reflective or brushed surfaces

More on metal finishing

World-class metal finishing

With extensive in-house machining capabilities and a strong base of subcontract suppliers, we provide a range of metal finishing services, including zinc electroplating, anodising (both decorative, coloured and hard, phosphoric bond, hexavalent chromium-free (SurTech), painting and CARC.

These services are provided to military standards and NADCAP, if required, and we also offer in house engraving, Vibro finishing and bead blasting.

Meeting exact design demands

You need machined components that look and feel exactly as your design and specifications demand, so achieving the perfect finish is essential for providing a high-quality CNC machining service.

Metal finishing treatments we offer as leading precision engineers include:

  • Zinc electroplating
  • Anodising
  • Phosphoric bond
  • Hexavalent Chromium-Free (SurTech)
  • Painting
  • CARC
  • Vibro finishing
  • Bead blasting

Expertise in metal finishes

KMF delivers CNC-machined parts with almost any metal finish in short lead-times from one supplier.
Further surface treatments are also possible on request from our list of approved and trusted finishing specialists.
KMF remains your sole metal manufacturing partner throughout manufacture, taking control of each stage of the machining process to guarantee high-quality, every time.

Metal finishing specialists

In our extensive network, we have many metal finishing specialists that can deliver specialist surface treatments directly after the CNC-machining on-site at KMF, without delayed delivery times.

Our machining operators and quality technicians are equipped and trained to deliver a full range of services, from anodising to plating to painting, all with the most careful attention to detail and quality standards/checks.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss how we can improve your procurement of machined components.

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