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Sliding Head Machining at KMF Group

KMF worker operates CNC sliding head machine
Sliding head machined component
Sliding head machinine product

KMF Precision Engineering is one of the UK's leading subcontract CNC sliding head machining companies with an outstanding record for quality and delivery of specialist machined metal components.

CNC sliding head machining allows for turning and multi-axial milling in both main and sub spindles. It enables simultaneous multi-task processes such as turning, drilling, milling, broaching, and tapping.

These capabilities mean that very complex, high precision turned parts can be manufactured from raw material to finished component in a single cycle.

The advanced sliding head machines at KMF Precision Engineering allow the production of components from 2mm to 32mm through 3m bar feeds.

Even in batches of up to 10,000 parts, the maintained level of accuracy and finish quality is unrivalled.

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Investment in advanced machinery

KMF Group boasts the most up-to-date, high-precision, multi-task sliding head machining centres currently operating in the UK.

Substantial investment in machines, technology and staff, gives KMF an excellent reputation for the manufacture, assembly and supply of machined parts for a broad cross-section of industries.

KMF Group specialises in the supply of CNC machining, precision components, castings, forgings and fabrications both as component parts or sub-assemblies.

Outstanding performance

Our specialist CNC sliding head technology gives outstanding performance for many precision critical industries such as medical and aerospace, to defence and security sectors.
And with no fewer than four BSI accreditations KMF Group clients can be assured of the highest quality metal engineered components.

Purpose-built machining facilities

At our purpose-built subcontract machining facility, we employ professionally qualified staff with a wealth of experience and expertise to help clients achieve their manufacturing objectives.
Thanks to substantial investment in sliding head technology, our UK CNC machining services can include large batch work or individual one-off pieces or projects.

Talk to our team about your precision engineering and sheet metal fabrication needs.

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  • INVESTMENT: The most up-to-date sliding head machining centres in the UK.
  • QUALITY: Outstanding record on quality and delivery of metal components.
  • SPEED: Complex turned parts manufactured in a single cycle.
  • VERSATILITY: Machining services from large batches to one-off prototypes.
  • EXPERTISE: Professionally qualified staff with a wealth of experience


An increasing number of OEMs are adopting outsourcing strategies. With expert knowledge, industry-leading technology and impressive supply chain management, KMF specialises in subcontract outsourcing of sheet metal fabrication and sliding head machining. Read more about subcontract outsourcing opportunities with KMF.

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