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Defence Sector
5-Axis Mazak Machine

KMF Group supplies manufacturers within the defence industry with complete sub-assemblies, precision components and sheet metal fabrications.

The stringent quality demands of the defence engineering sector require the highest levels of quality control and material traceability.

KMF can provide them in full, backed by all the necessary ISO Accreditations.

Our ISO 9001 quality management standards offer complete confidentiality throughout the design, production and delivery processes along with full material traceability and exceptional quality control.

KMF Group not only manufactures and supplies metal products and components to the defence sector but also fabricates and assembles precision metal components, enclosures and integrated electro-mechanical products for the demanding aerospace, medical and telecommunications industries.

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A single source manufacturing solution

Projects at KMF can include small-batch, short-run and prototype designs for all types of defence-related projects;

Fabrication, finishing and quality inspection all carried out in-house. We also have extensive experience with large-scale product transfers.

KMF acts as a single-source manufacturing solution from design to delivery, allowing organisations to focus on their core competencies and business objectives.

Machining for a range of defence systems

KMF can provide CNC milling, 3,4 and 5-Axis machining. Our machined components often used in military vehicles.

Products include electronics, casings and cabinets in aluminium, carbon steels and stainless steels.

Our metal fabrication products can also provide structures for land vehicles or sophisticated armour protection systems.

Flexibility and expertise in metal manufacturing mean we are well placed to find innovative solutions and supply a diverse range of products to suit clients' requirements.

Seamless transition in the production process

Rapid prototyping, robust testing and supply chain management allow a seamless transition from new product introduction to repeat orders.

Other services include CNC punching and machining, precision welding and electromechanical integration. We also offer wet and powder painting in our a fully automated paint plant.

Many market-leading defence sector manufacturers rely on KMF Group to deliver their products on time, at a low cost and with assured quality.

We can handle the most complex assemblies and demanding projects for the defence, military and aerospace sectors.

Massive Investment in new technology

The KMF Group has invested more than £9 million in new technology over the last few years.

Its award-winning apprenticeship scheme and on-site training facilities make us the perfect defence industry outsourcing partner not only in the UK but in Europe too, with a modern sheet metal fabrication factory in Slovakia.

With nearly 50 years' experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF can help defence sector suppliers seeking outsourcing capacity.

KMF provides manufacturing and assembly services for many industries including aerospace, energy, food processing, hvac, kiosk, medical, power, science, security, signage, telecommunications, transport, vending and more.

Outsourcing opportunities with KMF

  • As outsourcing specialists, KMF offers clients top-quality service from customer teams dedicated to fostering close cooperation.
  • With four BSI accreditations, KMF can deliver fabricated and machined parts to the highest specifications.
  • Supply chain performance and quality management structures are dedicated to delivering products on-time and within budget.
  • To learn more about KMF outsourcing opportunities talk to our sales team.
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