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HVAC Sheet Metal work
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KMF Group works with a group of market-leading manufacturers to design, fabricate, assemble and deliver a wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

As leading sheet metal fabricators, KMF offers HVAC manufacturers comprehensive metal fabrication processes such as laser cutting, CNC metal forming, welding and powder coating.

We boast the unique resources and flexibility needed to project manage the most complex supply chains.

KMF has extensive in-house capacity for precision metal fabrication, including dedicated facilities for electro-mechanical assembly.

It allows KMF to offer customers a complete integrated build option for HVAC products while maintaining stringent quality standards.

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Quality HVAC product manufacture

We understand the need for consistency and quality when manufacturing high-performance HVAC equipment.

Our expert product design engineers are confident of delivering cost-saving efficiencies.

We have the skills and technology necessary to produce a comprehensive range of fabricated components for HVAC systems, including air conditioning enclosures, compressor systems, control panels, heat pumps and air-cooled chillers.

Complete metal fabrication solution

In addition to metal fabrications, KMF offers expert precision engineering services.

We can machine materials to tolerances as tight as 0.01mm and manufacture a wide variety of components for HVAC applications.

Our HVAC equipment customers rely on the versatility and flexibility of KMF's precision machining services to accommodate large part geometries.

Expertise in 5-axis machining, milling and CNC turning allows KMF to deliver a complete subcontract metal manufacturing solution that enables businesses to focus on their core competencies.

Skilled subcontract manufacturers

HVAC equipment manufacturers often reinvest in new technologies for their own manufacturing operations.

They also seek skilled subcontract manufacturers to provide reliable added-value resources to complement their production.

KMF provides product design that enhances product performance, sheet metal work that ensures quality and guaranteed delivery of defect-free parts on time.

All of KMF's metal manufacturing processes adhere to our certified ISO 9001 quality management systems.

In-process dimensional and visual inspections ensure that all subcomponents meet customers' exacting specifications.

With more than 240,000 sq ft of manufacturing space for metal fabrications and subcontract CNC machining, KMF can manage large-scale orders while providing excellent customer service at a good value.

KMF provides manufacturing and assembly services for many industries including aerospace, defence, energy, food processing, kiosk, medical, power, science, security, signage, telecommunications, transport, vending and more

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