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Switchgear Cabinet Fabrication

KMF worker assembles control panel

The KMF Group has extensive expertise and experience in the fabrication of switchgear cabinets, enclosures and other products for the UK and global OEMs.

Finished metal fabrications manufactured by KMF for the switchgear sector include low (LV) and medium voltage (MV) switchgear boxes and distribution boards (DB), metal enclosures for switchgear systems, control mechanisms and more.

We work with market leaders in supplying switchgear cabinets and other services for the electrical power and transmission industries.

You can be assured that KMF has the expertise and the capacity to provide high-quality and cost-competitive application-ready products.

KMF Group can provide switchgear and other electrical enclosures for many applications.

They range from electrical supply services for domestic residences and commercial offices to much larger public sector utilities such as hospitals, railway stations, colleges and schools.

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Manufacture of metal cabinets

As a sheet metal fabricator of almost 50 years standing, KMF can build and assemble switchgear enclosure products of the highest material quality and to the most rigorous of specifications.

KMF can manufacture switchgear control cabinets, connection cabinets, wiring enclosures, meter cabinets and other enclosures according to customer specifications.

In addition to our core volume product range, KMF has the facilities to design, prototype, test, manufacture, fabricate, engineer, assemble and deliver bespoke metal cabinet and enclosure products.

Indoor and outdoor switchgear products fabricated by KMF use cutting-edge technology in laser cutting, metal forming and powder painting.

Specialist in switchgear cabinets

A special electro-mechanical assembly area enables KMF to act as your one-stop manufacturing partner for switchgear assemblies.

We can manage the assembly of integrated, turnkey products from design to delivery.

The KMF Group's quality control structures provide a secure framework for reliability across the whole manufacture and supply chain process, reinforced by in-house training at our own purpose-built KMF Training Centre

Metal cabinets supplied Europe-wide

Our switchgear enclosure fabrication services are not confined to the UK.

The KMF Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication facility in Slovakia can also design, fabricate, assemble and deliver all types of manufactured switchgear products across the whole of Europe.

To learn more about KMF's fabrication and engineering capability within the switchgear sector or to discuss outsourcing your current manufacturing operations, contact our sales team.

KMF provides manufacturing and assembly services for many industries including aerospace, defence, energy, food processing, hvac, kiosk, medical, power, science, security, signage, telecommunications, transport, vending and more.

Subcontract switchgear outsourcing with KMF

  • As outsourcing specialists, KMF can offer clients a top-quality service from customer teams dedicated to fostering close cooperation, with minds always focused on the needs of the client.
  • With years of experience in outsourcing to blue-chip OEMs, KMF could be your perfect manufacturing partner and, as one of only a handful of metal fabrication companies to hold four BSI accreditations, we can deliver fabricated and machined parts to the highest specifications.
  • Our supply chain performance and quality management structures are dedicated to delivering products on-time and to budget with all output quality inspected for exact conformance to client requirements.
  • To learn more about KMF outsourcing opportunities talk to our sales team.
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