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Sheet Metal Forming and Folding

KMF is one of the leading suppliers of sheet metal folding and fabrication services in the UK.

The company uses high-tech sheet metal forming machines with the latest in innovative computer software to manufacture all manner of metal formed products.

KMF Precision Sheet Metal currently operates 14 TruBend machines and two automated metal folding cells, incorporating 110-ton press brakes and extensive panel bending facilities.

The metal forming and metal bending units at KMF offer exceptional reliability and highly predictable set-up times.

It's a system that enables outstanding operational performance for any metal folding operations, from small or one-off designs to projects with large batch runs.

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Investing in the latest technology

In today's high-performance environment, sheet metal folding machines are only as good as the high-tech software that drives them.

KMF's programme of continuous improvement and high investment means that the latest technology powers our metal bending and folding capacity.

It allows us to meet the most demanding metal fabrication contracts, large or small, simple or complex.

First class metal folding

Metal forming is a generic term that can include a broad range of manufacturing processes, but it mainly consists of bending metal sheets into the desired geometry.

The science behind the plasticity of metal-formed products is complex. Factors such as strain hardening, temperature control, flow stress and ductility must be factored into the metal bending and folding processes.

The engineering team at KMF is highly experienced and expert in matching customer requirements to our sheet metal folding machinery, which is available 24-hours, seven-days-a-week.

Metal forming capacity

The combination of press brake machines means KMF can offer both manual and automated services to meet the needs of almost any customer.

We can bend metal in a wide range of materials and sizes for every type of project one-off prototypes to large scale batch runs.

Talk to our team about your metal bending and sheet metal fabrication needs.

Other metal fabrication services from KMF include stainless steel forming, metal punching and laser cutting.


  • CAPACITY: Manual and automated machines meet any requirements.
  • VERSATILITY: Folding for a wide range of materials and sizes.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Computer assistance for consistency and accuracy.
  • SCOPE: Fabrication and assembly into fully commercial products.


KMF has the skills and capacity to complete fabrication of complex folded products and multi-part assemblies assisted by expert use of advanced 3D CAD/CAM systems linked to CNC punching and metal bending machines. Press brakes and panel bending equipment used at KMF can create precision folded sheet metal components from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and more. Contact KMF Group to discuss your outsourcing needs and to see how we can help.

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