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Welding & Linishing at KMF Group

Worker hand finishing metal component

The metal welding facilities at KMF include highly-skilled, manual and automated MIG and TIG welding for an extensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

KMF Group operates two fully automated, ABB robot MIG and TIG welding cells, accompanied by stud welding machinery. This combination enables KMF to fulfil the welding requirements of all our customers.

An expert welding workforce is trained in-house to meet the highest standards of metal welding demanded by our customers.

To complement our welding services are optional linishing processes that offer grinding, sanding and polishing of metal parts and products to the very highest quality.

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Welding expertise from skilled welders

Welding is a hugely important part of sheet metal fabrication operations at KMF. Our industrial welding workforce is highly skilled and fully trained in all welding techniques.

Our welding engineers are highly qualified and superbly equipped to weld all ferrous and non-ferrous materials using 12 dedicated welding bays with full MIG and TIG facilities.

Welders at KMF have the substantial experience needed to carry out welding on all types of metal from speciality stainless steels to many heat-resistant materials.

At the forefront of welding technology

KMF not only invests in the training of skilled welders but is also continually investing in equipment and technology to stay at the forefront of industrial welding in the UK.

The industrial welding area at KMF comes complete with two overhead heavyweight cranes and welding extraction units.

KMF Slovakia also holds two welding bays, equipped with ESAB MIG welding and TIG welding machines and spot or stud welding facilities.

Welding to the highest standards

KMF works closely with clients, contractors and advisors to develop and improve the performance of welding operations.

This cooperation helps us to meet the increasing demand for the highest quality welding and enhanced productivity.

Our dedicated fully-enclosed linishing department gives KMF Precision Sheet Metal the ideal environment for the finishing of metal components to the very highest standards.

Perfection in metal finishing

Skilled linishing operators use the most up-to-date linishing machinery to dress welded parts to perfection.

Our expert machinists can match any original grained appearance and produce the best possible surface.

Fine grinding and sanding techniques allow KMF to provide a top-quality finished metal product as part of a complete metal manufacturing and engineering solution.

Talk to our team about your welding and sheet metal fabrication needs.

Other metal fabrication services from KMF include stainless steel forming, metal punching and laser cutting.


  • AUTOMATION: Automated and robotic welding for speed and efficiency.
  • EXPERIENCE: Highly qualified welding technicians using the latest welding equipment.
  • QUALITY: Exceptional quality control and productivity.
  • SPEED: Metal products manufactured to the highest standards in the shortest time frame.
  • SERVICE: Close client cooperation to tackle the most demanding projects.


KMF Group can offer shared expertise and manufacturing resources that allow us to act as a single source manufacturing outsourcing solution for multinational OEMs. See more on outsourcing opportunities at KMF.

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