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Metal Manufacturing Services

CAD design and prototyping

KMF Group delivers more than metal fabrication and CNC machining services.

We aim to build integral relationships with customers, providing them with a value-added service that manages metal manufacture from design to delivery.

Our extensive in-house capabilities include product design, prototyping electro-mechanical integration, advanced fabrication assembly and expert supply chain management.

Design engineers use leading Radan software and follow 'design for manufacture' and 'value engineering' methodologies to deliver design enhancements, quality improvements, cost efficiencies and shorter lead times.

Efficient product design and prototyping

Our product design phase also incorporates expert New Product Introduction (NPI) processes.

These ensure the seamless and timely transition from design to manufacture, including rapid prototyping or 3D modelling for early customer collaboration.

In today's highly competitive market, a robust NPI process can be essential in reducing development costs.

They result in more efficient manufacture, reducing time to market and improved product quality and consistency.

Huge manufacturing capacity

Metal fabrications from KMF can range from simple enclosures and brackets to complex, fully-integrated units of subcomponents.

Purpose-built facilities for full turnkey electro-mechanical assembly gives KMF the ability to build looms, manage printed circuit boards and design bespoke functional test fixtures.

KMF acts as a single-source manufacturing solution for high-level, value-added assembly work.

We also house dedicated manufacturing units for stainless steel fabrication and specialist ISO 9001 accredited fabrication.

Agile operational excellence

KMF Group is committed to delivering an agile metal manufacturing solution, supported by comprehensive experience, operational excellence and the highest quality controls.

We deliver progressive and forward-thinking metal manufacturing services that can solve your production problems.

For a high-quality and agile metal fabricator and precision engineering firm with product design and electro-mechanical assembly expertise contact our team.

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