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Advanced Assembly at KMF

Mechanical assembly of precision products
KMF worker in product assembly cell

Advanced assembly facilities at KMF include large, dedicated areas for final assembly of fully integrated sheet metal products and machined metal components.

The purpose-designed assembly systems at KMF allow more options for efficient, flexible and cost-saving operations while quality is assured through the company's ISO 9001 accreditation.

And the advanced engineering expertise at KMF is complemented by comprehensive electrical, mechanical and test facilities.

KMF has many years of experience in the supply of high-level component sub-assemblies to the high-level requirements of the aerospace, medical and scientific sectors.

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Wide range of assembly options

From simple helicoil insertion to the assembly of sophisticated, integrated electro-mechanical units containing hundreds of sub-components, KMF has the capacity and skills to ensure precision assembled products are delivered on time and to the highest quality.

All our assembly cells are designed to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

KMF's in-house metal fabrication and precision machining capacity allows the manufacture of bespoke benches and purpose-built jigs and fixtures to support the efficient assembly of customised parts.

Assembly outsourcing capacity

KMF has the capacity and flexibility to up-scale and adapt its assembly processes to manage large-scale product transfers.

We can meet the diverse requirements of the most exacting customers. It is why KMF is the preferred outsourcing partner for some of the largest OEM companies in the UK.

Automated assembly lines

Customers benefit from fully dedicated automated assembly lines.

Consolidation areas for components can be automated within our ERP system to ensure highly competitive lead times while consistently meeting the highest quality standards of metal component manufacture and assembly.

Integrated assembly services

The product assembly services at KMF work in tandem with our electro-mechanical design and integration facilities.

It means we can excel in the production of such products as power distribution units, telecommunication panels, vending machines and kiosk equipment.

Other joint assembly projects involve fitting parts such as fastenings, castors, hinges, inserts and other modules to produce fully customised sheet metal fabrications and assemblies.

Metal printing & finishing

Final finishing processes such as silk screen printing, laser marking, tampo printing and brand labelling means KMF can deliver complete products.

KMF has a wealth of expertise in pad and tampo printing and runs rigorous tests to ensure adhesion and ink consistency on all metal printed components.

Components can be packaged to customers' requirements ready for delivery to end-users. It's a complete manufacturing solution that will allow you to simplify your supply chain and focus your resources on core business activities.

Expert advice to customers

And KMF product assembly experts are on hand at every stage to advise clients on the most efficient and economical ways to organise any assembly project.

To complement our subcontract machining facilities, KMF also has the necessary clean areas, assembly skills and quality controls to meet the most demanding of component assembly contracts.

Talk to our team about your design, assembly and outsourcing needs.

Other metal manufacturing services at KMF include Electromechanical Assembly, Design Prototyping, Quality Control, Outsourcing.

Key elements of efficient production and component assembly at KMF include:

  • Areas dedicated to the assembly of fully integrated products
  • Robust, reliable and well-maintained machinery
  • Expertly designed, purpose-built work cells
  • Quality inspection throughout the assembly process.
  • High operational efficiency and a fast, precise workflow.
  • Close relationships with client design teams and production engineers.
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