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Design Prototyping at KMF Group

Computer aided product design

KMF is an industry leader in the design and prototyping of metal components for fabricated sheet metal or machined parts. We offer a complete design to delivery solution; the design phase and introduction of new products are a critical part of our business relationships.

Through the use of the latest CADCAM software and skilled, modern precision engineering design techniques, our specialist in-house design engineers can produce fully specified and engineered product design drawings ready for their precision metal work manufacture and fabrication.

Design for manufacture (DFM) and best practice consistently deliver design enhancements, quality improvements, cost competitiveness, and shorter market lead times.

With more than 80% of a product's price and supply chain performance determined in the design-engineering phase, accessing the right partner who can deliver on all front is imperative. KMF has the people, quality, technology, and reputation in the market place to help you succeed.

Examples of high volume precision metalwork products that benefit from our design engineering process include kiosk and vending machine, point of sale units, processing/packaging systems, HVAC equipment and electrical enclosures.

In addition to our efficient design and prototype capabilities, KMF can easily scale up from a prototype project to full production quickly and effortlessly.

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Customers always come first

Dedicated personnel are allocated to specific KMF projects from concept to completion ensuring the very closest cooperation with customers.

The ability to act flexibly and quickly alongside outstanding customer service lies at the heart of everything we do at KMF.

That and the continued adherence to strict quality control and operational oversight throughout the factory means subcontract customers can rely on KMF to get the job done.

Excellent quality accreditations

With no less than four BSI accreditations, including AS 9100 Aerospace, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety System we have complete confidence in being able to supply exceptional quality every time to all our customers.

Recognising the need to prove customers' programs out on the correct production machines, we are able to offer accurate costs and lead times to enable the ongoing project to follow the exact route from prototype to production.

Talk to our team about your design, assembly and outsourcing needs.

Other metal manufacturing services at KMF include Advanced Assembly, Electromechanical Assembly, Quality Control, Outsourcing.


  • SERVICE: Close communication with clients throughout the production process.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Precision CNC turning machines and the latest CAM software.
  • PERFORMANCE: Efficient machining for a wide variety of materials.
  • EXPERTISE: Professionally qualified staff with a wealth of experience
  • QUALITY: Quality approved manufacturer of complex components.


With expert knowledge, industry-leading technology and impressive supply chain management, KMF specialises in the outsourcing of sheet metal fabrication and engineering for OEMs to provide a greater return on outsourcing investment

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